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Sarcastic text generator

Sarcastic text generatorA creation of Sreenikethan I Well, this is a script I've made to randomly alternate the character casing of your text. This usually symbolizes sarcasm. Give it a go!
You simply have to type in the text in the first textbox, then the output will be shown instantly in the second textbox. Select the text in the second textbox and copy it! As simple as that.

Do it againIf you are seeing this text, it means that your JavaScript is either disabled or doesn't work! This means you can't use the above tool :(

PQWERT Generator

Your Javascript doesn't work... that's sad. The PQWERT generator will not work!PQWERT generator
Script prepared by Sreenikethan I Introduction: Approximately 102.5% of the people in the world use the QWERTY keyboard (source for the Study from where it's taken). So I made a tool which will shift each letter to one key to its left.

H will become GS will become AZ will become the letter on the other end of the row, which is M and so on.

You can type in any one of the text boxes below, and the other one will automatically update! WOW! FEATURES MUCH! Enter QWERTY:

Last updated on 07/May/2020

VB .NET - Wordsearch puzzle solver (#1)

Hello, world!
So, this is my first post containing actual content! I'll “soon” be uploading a video to my YouTube channel about this Wordsearch solver I made. The footage I recorded is 4 HOURS LONG and I need to edit all of them and keep only the useful stuff. I'll update the link here once it's done. Updates about the video26/May/2018: Edit progress - 22% of the original duration28/May/2018: Screw Windows Movie Maker, the 4th clip which I finished editing stops exporting at around 90%, saying one of my fileS are missing… maybe re-encode the clip… This is the 5th time it's failing after trying everything.31/Mar/2019: Wait, did a year almost pass by? Wow, time goes fast… Regarding the updates, I kinda realized that nobody is gonna watch 4 hours of a video (I guess that must've been obvious to me). I am planning to instead just forget this 4-hour recorded footage, and record myself explaining the final code. Seems better, eh?
Features It'll feature the following…

My first post! (#0)

Hello, world!
This is my first blog post! Blogger is cool, it supportsHTML formatting also.
Go check out my YouTube channel here and please subscribe to it!
Thanks for reading. Please comment out all your feedback in the comments below! I'm in for all feedback.